The Southwind Team Approach

Southwind Custom Builders specializes in building distinguished custom homes expressly for clients with impeccable tastes—homeowners who know how to get what they want. Serving the likes of local San Diegans, international clientele, billionaire entrepreneurs, heads of state, authors, celebrities and more, we approach each homeowner with the respect and propriety deserving of each member of our team.

The fact is we work diligently to assure that each homeowner assume his or her rightful place on the team, wherever that might be. Wherever is most appropriate and comfortable for them. This is a natural approach, we feel. Your custom built home is your dream come true. We help you realize it…but with your input and passion applied to the effort.

For the team to achieve peak performance on every project, we at Southwind follow a strict construction project methodology aimed at delivering a custom home that exceeds our client’s expectations and is delivered on time and on budget. By integrating each client/homeowner into the decision-making process and incorporating his/her wants and needs right from the get-go, Southwind continuously achieves the very highest level of customer satisfaction.

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